Question for Published Writers

DSCN0670Dear Published Author in the Blogosphere,

My name is Aidyn Sevilla and I am a writer. I’ve nearly completed my first novel and would soon like to make the transition from writing-as-a-hobby to being a published author.

Since I have not yet published any works of fiction, I am working to learn about the process from people who have done it before.

I wonder if you might share your thoughts and insights about the publishing process with me. Specifically along these lines.

-What are your thoughts on publishing through an agency versus self-publishing? Which do you think is better and why?

-If you recommend agencies, do you recommend any in particular? Or its correlate, do you recommend AGAINST any agencies in particular?

-If you recommend self-publishing, what do you recommend as strategies for self-promotion? Which blogs, forums, social media sites etc have you found to be the most helpful?

-My novel is fiction, particularly science-fiction/adventure. Does that change anything in the equation?

I appreciate your time and any insight you can offer. Thanks!!

I also appreciate any likes and shares so as to cast the widest possible net for my inquiry. Thanks again!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Question for Published Writers

  1. Hi there! I personally choose traditional over self-publishing. If you go traditional you really need an agent to get the most value. Look at your favorite authors, figure out who represents them, then see if they are open to queries. If they do, submit to them. If they don’t, look at the other agents in their agency to see if the represent books like your yours and submit to them. Personally, I’m a fan of Joshua Bilmes though I met him at a convention, not through querying him. His two big clients are Brandon Sanderson and Charline Harris.

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