writing, writing, writing….

Twelve years ago I started a story. This year, I am setting the goal of completing it, or at least the first book of it. (Because of course, it’s a long story that is likely to be a saga.)

The process has been long and I’ve been sidetracked several times. There were three other stories I wrote in the meantime and the year I spent trying to write my story as a screenplay for a television show. I suppose in one sense, I’ve only been actively working on this incarnation since 2010, so 6 years. However you measure it, I’ve been at this process for a while.

And the process has been good! As I’ve written, I’ve grown up. As I’ve grown in my understanding of God, people and the world, so have my characters. The story world has expanded, deepened, crystalized, become infinitely more interesting then when I first sat down at a computer with rough ideas.

Now that I am closer to a completion point, I am excited to begin sharing more about the story and world with my readers. I’m also excited to share experiences and reflections of the writing process itself. In a very real way, I’m inviting the reader to walk with me on the last leg of my journey towards publishing.

As we get started, I need to talk about this blog a little. If you’ve followed me at this blog site for any length of time, you know there’s been a diversity of content published. I’ve written about everything from my story, to addiction recovery, to reflections on the Biblical gospels, to gender and sexuality, to social justice. You might be wondering, “Just what is Aidyn Sevilla all about anyway?”

Truthfully, all of it. I’m a person, and people are complex. But blogs do not contain complexity as well as the reader, and you have a right to know what you’re going to get here.

So here’s the story. I have many interests and many passions. In my non-cyber life, I work as a counselor and teacher and interact very closely with social justice matters, mental health concerns and addiction problems. Some of my favorite things to talk about are human growth and development, brain neurologically and trauma. Some of the things I feel are the most important to talk about are God, specifically Jesus, and the Christian church. I sincerely love the church, despite my chronic frustrations with her, and want to see her thrive. I want to see her able to have a meaningful impact on society and I observe that the relationship between the church and secular society needs a lot of work from a lot of people.

I’m not quite smart enough to solve all those problems all by myself.

If we’re being perfectly honest, many times when I write about an idea of how the church can better serve the world and better be in relationship with secular peoples, I wonder if anyone is actually listening.

But I know that people love stories. Maybe storytelling is even one of our deepest primal needs. Who knows. But I see how authors and artists have liberty to address whatever is important to them, even more liberty than pastors, counselors and social justice warriors.

That’s a liberty I crave. Toward that end, for the time being, I am choosing to prioritize the writing of the story. Not at the absolute exclusion of blogs about other more important things, but rather as a default. I want to finish the book. I want to see it published. I want people to enjoy it! I want to use the story to address the issues I think are most crucial to us as people.

Thus and thus, I will be writing about and promoting the story, entitled “Deusula.” I’ll be promoting here, on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

My goal for next week is to create a Facebook page for Aidyn Sevilla. Watch for this, and please do like and follow!


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