About Bagels

This post originally appeared in Journey of Peace, one year, when I gave up bagels and other bread products for Lent…

I almost bought a bagel the other day.  Bagels, for me, count among the somewhat vague category of Baked Goods, which things I have chosen to give up for Lent.

This is the way of it.  I’d had a relatively ordinary day.  It was long but not particularly stressful.  I filled my time at work then went and worked out.  I hadn’t seen any friends that day, or I think the day before either, and my partner was unavailable for the evening.  So I walked down to the local coffee shop, laptop in tow, planning to do some work on my novel.  Along the way, I picked up an order of falafels from the Lebanese place a block east of the coffee shop.  Falafels are tasty and usually really filling.

So I ate…and worked…and was having a decent time.  But maybe because it was cold or because I’d exercised or because I was famished for affection, I wanted more!  So I found myself in line waiting to buy a bagel.  Normally I don’t even eat bagels because of the gluten, but that night, I was choosing to classify a bagel as a bread and not a baked good and spend another $1.50 to get one lightly toasted with honey.

IMG_1534Mmm, still sounds good…

I didn’t buy the bagel.  Instead I chose to re-envelop myself in my work which ended up being moderately satisfying and productive.

So, in the spirit of reflection…

I make myself vulnerable when I spend too much time alone.  When I’m both alone and busy, I make myself especially vulnerable.  If I’m active and getting tired or busy doing things I don’t like, then my resolves begin to crumble.  I want comfort and begin to think that I owe myself small pleasures.

Thankfully, the only thing at stake this time was a bagel.

Now for this to be a good Lenten exercise, I should design an action plan to ensure that I’m not alone on cold evenings after working, biking, exercising, and not eating.  This will be part of how I live at peace with myself.

Otherwise, life continues at a fair pace.  My body is again acclimating to a morning routine.  I have always considered myself a morning person, except that for the last few years, I’ve worked nights and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning.  But now I have a reason to wake up in the mornings and I love it!  I love having a routine to follow and finding ways to fit more into it.

On the other hand, my new routine places me in work for a full American work day and it’s a sitting job.  Consequently, I don’t get to exercise as much as I care to.  Oddly enough, my body is sometimes more sore from sitting all day then from when I get to run and lift and bike and stretch.  This is weird and concerning and I don’t like it.  I need to be creative.


I’ve also had to be especially mindful about how I eat.  I’m not eating bad food…I’m just finding that while I was in a more active lifestyle pattern, I came to like eating three full meals a day, along with snacks.  Now that I’m not as active, I don’t need all those meals or all those snacks…ye it’s so much fun to eat…

Feedback?  What are good office snacks for a gluten free, vegan, man?

More to follow soon.  Maybe we’ll talk about identity soon…

Peace be with you…


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