Jesus, The Public Figure

DSCN3768Lent. Day 8.
Matthew 15-16. Jesus, the Public Figure.
These two chapters cover a period in the life of Jesus where He is very active in the public sphere. He is traveling, teaching and healing. Everywhere He goes, people follow. He has the negative attention of the religious leaders of the day, but generally, the people love Him.
At this stage of my life, I read this passage through the burnt-out clinician lens. Jesus is VERY busy, but also VERY moved by compassion. He gives to the people, and his disciples. He gives of Himself, His time, His words, His energy, His healing, and all willingly, presumably without being bitter or angry.
For Him, self-sacrifice is a lifestyle, and a fulfilling one at that.
I see that the key in Him being able to do that is His equally-as-important regular times of prayer. Spiritual disciplines, or what we in the clinic call self-care.
The reason He can sustain a lifestyle of holistic generosity is because He highly prioritizes prayer. Spiritual disciplines. Self-care.
I am challenged to remember to prioritize that which is healthy for me and to mind my own limits. I am not made of boundless energy, nor am I able to endlessly suffer-with those around me. At some point, I need my own rest and nurture.
I am further challenged to make prayer a more regular part of my self-care time. As much as I love yoga and reading and journaling and going for long walks, ultimately the best care for my soul will be time spent actively seeking the presence of Christ.
This is not new…but it’s still important.


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