A Wandering People

Within the last few weeks, seems like the world has exploded over ISIS, Paris, Syria, Refugees, Conservative Christians, Liberal Christians, Politics, Economics, Safety, and even climate change.

Oi. What to do.

IMG_5151My knee jerk reaction to world tragedy is always to want to buy a plane ticket and some work gloves and go do something to help. I feel impassioned, ignited, swellings of compassion and guilty for having so much privilege and not really doing anything with it.

I don’t actually do anything about it, and that’s starting to bother me. Problem is, I don’t really know what to do that would be “helpful.” I’m only one person, one voice, and yeah I know they say every voice matters, but let’s face the ugly truth – some voices matter more.

I’m not giving up on finding some way to address the broader global problems…but until then, I still have my privilege and resources, and there’s potential opportunities embedded within those.

For example. The Story.

I haven’t posted here in a while, but Reader may recall that my last posts were about progress made on the book I’m writing. I took a break from blogging and writing because I started teaching and needed every spare moment to study. Now that I’m established in that routine, I feel more comfortable investing time again in other projects.

So I started writing again, and that’s when I made a discovery.

I’m writing about refugees.

The Rafatani are a people from a deeper dimension forcibly removed from their world by a freak of mad science gone terribly awry. At the same time, Humans are ripped from Earth into the Rafatani world. Everything that happens after that is about how the dominant peoplesĀ treat theirĀ refugees.

In my own arrogance, I wonder, then how important this story may be. Finishing it once again seems important.

So then, if God allows, I am certainly going to try.


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