Flurries and Everything

dwheufds6kq-joshua-earleOh my! The last couple weeks! Me oh my!

The locus of my stress shifted from my church to my work. I had a semi-decisive conversation with a couple of my elders that clarified some things. I am left feeling mildly irritated and sad, but also free.

Free to pursue purpose and meaningful work outside the four walls of the church.

Meanwhile, I’m still part of the community, and as long as I think I will feel a little stifled.

I won’t really be able to talk with most people there about the work I do with the LGBTQ community.

I won’t be able to openly celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling, even though I want to plaster it all over my facebook and have a party.

I don’t trust the relationships I have with my church leaders to remain amicable and nurturing unless I present myself within the traditional Christian understanding of heteronormative masculinity. This makes me sad.

But like I said, our last conversation cleared up our positions and we parted as friends,or at least friends.

All that left me mentally open to focusing on work stress.

At work, my colleagues and I provided a cultural competency to clinicians working with LGBTQ clients. I got to spend upwards of an hour talking about why the words we say matter. I loved it.DSCN2513

Thank you for indulging me in a few words about my real life. Now for the part you really want to know…what’s going on with the book? Where are Jade? Seth? Alaeyk?! Connor?!?!

I did small edits up through chapter 6 or 7, and got as far as when Connor got out to where Cierra’s ship crashed in the desert. He figured out that Waverleigh was hunting her but as soon as he warned her, she got really freaked out and told him he had to stay away from the old man and everything related to him.

“This is too big for you!” she said.

Of course, he didn’t believe her.

After I finished that section, I had 3 people, including my dad, express an interest in reading some chapters. So I went back to the beginning(back to Jade) to revise the last editing notes I received from my writing partner. I’m hoping to have them all done by the middle of next week. I’d say the end of this week, except I have less morning time for writing this week because I decided to schedule a coffee date.

After these edits, I’m going to say, “DONE WITH CHAPTER ONE!!!” No more going back! It’s written, it’s good, it’s done. I must resist perfectionism and move on!

Would anyone else like to read a snippet? 😉


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