And Now…The Teenager

I finally made it out of Jade’s backstory! HUZZAH!!

A New Landscape
A New Landscape

I’m mostly happy with it. There’s still a sizable chunk to run by my writing partner, to get the benefit of his thoughtful eye, and most likely there will have to be touch-up…I briefly take Jade to where he’s contemplating jumping off a bridge…maybe that will need more than the line I give it. Hard to handle suicidality well in brief terms, and it’s not a story about suicide. I figure that by making the account supremely sparse, that might draw a curious sort of attention to it without taking up too much more page space.

Either way. Until I get feedback, I’m on to the next section and the next character!

We started in Jade’s present day story, then learn his backstory, then jump to the present day story of Seth.

Seth is a fun character to write. He’s a teenager off the streets with mysterious abilities and no knowledge of his family history. A beautiful wild card character. As I introduce him to the rest of the characters, I turn his world up side down and get to completely remake him.

Writing Seth also helps me tell everyone else’s story because he’s the newcomer. He can ask questions that the reader might ask which gives me opportunity to answer those important questions in a manner that’s (hopefully) not contrived.

His dialogue is one of my favorites because it’s a street dialect. It’s a type of Pidgin English with bad grammar. I feel like I have an easier time bringing out his verbal personality with how he talks than with some of the other characters.

Anyway. We’ll be hearing more from this kid.


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