Back to the Back-Story

IMG_1139Well, I’m back. Weekends have a way of interrupting things.

I almost made my goal of blogging every day in May. Alas things came up, like weekends. Also, May was really busy at work. Breaking away for non-working lunches was hard on some days. But I discovered that I most enjoy the practice of actually using my lunch break as a break. I’m gonna call it self-care, boundaries, sabbathing, and just all around good.

This past weekend was very productive for the book. I met with my writing partner, got some good feedback, then completed a few new scenes. My journey has taken me further and further into Jade’s backstory. I’m discovering more and more about who he is, what made him who he is and what some of his deepest hurts are and were.

In one scene, Waverleigh gives him a terrible choice. Essentially, choose between bondage and freedom, personal security or protecting his loved ones. Jade considers the choice he makes so terrible that he buries it deep inside himself and never tells anyone, not even his twin brother.

As we all know, secrets are burdens. Just a few short years later, Jade is hanging off the side of a bridge.

How does he come back from that? How does he recover? How does he figure out how to be both good and strong? How does he figure out how to live at peace with himself?

Well. I can’t give away the whole story in one post!


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