25 Nourishing and Refreshing Things You Can Do in FIVE MINUTES or LESS!

1. Drink a glass of water

2. Water(or prune) a plant.IMG_2568

3. Do a Yoga Stretch.

4. Brush your hair.

5. Go outside and walk around your building.

6. Throw away one thing off your desk.

7. Do 20 push-ups.

8. Read a Bible verse

9. Read a short poem.

10. Toast a bagel.

11. Text a loved one.

12. Look up a word in the dictionary.

13. Delete one item from your inbox.

14. Watch the new Star Wars trailer.

15. Watch a favorite music video.

16. Eat fruit.

17. Say hello to the person in the cubicle or chair or unit next to you.

18. Take your vitamins(especially D if you live in a cloudy climate.)

19. Take 10 deep breaths.

20. Take a selfie, a particularly ridiculous one.

21. Press a flower or a leaf.

22. Make a cup of tea.

23. Stand on your head.

24. Write someone a note saying you appreciate them.

25. Write at least this many words about something reflective and meaningful.

And I wasn’t kidding about the trailer. 😉


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