Fridays are FAST!

I am especially thankful for cancellations today. This week, since Tuesday, so far, I’ve had a total of 3 cancellations, which means that every other hour has been both scheduled and attended, and if an hour was unscheduled, it was designated as paperwork time.

All that translates to me having precious few breaks, very little down time, and difficulty concentrating.

That’s my sob story, and now it’s done.

Fortunately, in my house, no one gets up as early as me, except for my one friend who works at Starbucks, and he gets up so early he’s gone before I get up. This means, the mornings are my sacred alone time.

Yesterday, I started writing the scene where Jade begins to fall from his pinnacle of idealism. He wants to be the healer, the protector, the one to make his friends strong. He also wants to be close to Amanda who has been his friend since small childhood. 5970_258038085267_656335267_8291292_5886722_n

We come to a point where they’re on mission together. She is bored, he is restless. They realize that Jade is attracted to her. Possibly they might have had a moment, a bit of closeness, and his first kiss. But turns out she’s oblivious, or rather, quite preoccupied with how bored she is with the mission.

A side effect of superpowers is snobbish scorn for mere mortals and how dismally small of a threat they actually are to anything. Amanda is caught up in the dismal-ness and neither interest in nor aware of Jade’s feelings.

Rejection, and denial of affection, are powerful experiences. Just enough to bring out Jade’s angry side, just enough to put him in a state of mind that is vulnerable to overreaction. And just when he enters this state of mind, their enhanced senses say that they person they’ve been protecting has come under attack…


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