The Black Hole of Good Character Development

I’m caught between conflicting desires to write the best novel of all time, pouring over and pouring over paragraph, sentence, nuance and implication, teasing out every possible quirk of the characters, plot and world…and the desire to just finish SOMETHING!IMG_2485

Typically, the desire for quality wins out, which is why I’m taking quite a bit of time working through a critical moment in Jade’s back story.

In last week’s section, he hesitates and has to watch his twin brother kill for the first time. In this week’s section, I’m working on the parallel scene for Jade. In his adult life, he’s recovering from a life of war and killing, working very hard to put that behind him. But all of it needed to start somewhere, and that’s the point for which I’m searching now.

What could be so powerful as to cause Jade, one of the most powerful healers to ever live, to kill?

So far, I think it’s going to be love for his twin and a desire to protect him. So what I need to do is create a scenario where Elijah is uncharacteristically threatened. This brings up the further complication of, How do you threaten a Deusula? They are the ultimate alpha predators. Is there anything they really fear? What is their weakness?

Also, I need to pick a setting. Back alley or abandoned warehouse? Maybe a pier on a foggy night? Or a dock on a sunny day, and avoiding detection by the public eye can be part of the tension.

I’ll let you know what happens.


One thought on “The Black Hole of Good Character Development

  1. Interesting post. I think it’s definitely important to think critically about your character’s motivations; writers often get bogged down in the “who” and “what” and “when” and “how” and forget about the “why.” Starting from the why can help writers make sure to create situations that fit the sensibilities of the character.

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