IMG_2087For Jade and Elijah, their primary relationship is each other. Everything they do is in light of the other, even as they pursue other people, other communities and other worlds.

They were always super close growing up. Going through a war together only further cemented the bonds between them.

But all is not copacetic. It can’t be, elsewise, there wouldn’t be a story.

Elijah is the younger twin, but has always been the leader. He is the strong one, the fighter, the decisive one. Jade is the empathetic one, the peacemaker, the contemplative one. In the absence of war, he would have been a poet.

Jade knows this about their relationship dynamic, that Elijah gives him cues and he takes them, and for a while he is agreeable to this. That’s the world he knows.

Then one day, Waverleigh plants a seed of doubt. He tells Jade that he is the most gifted individual he’s ever met and that, if Jade didn’t hold himself back(from killing his enemy in a crisis moment) he could have been the leader of the Deusulas.

Jade fights against this thought, and fights against jealousy. But it’s a fight he never talks about and one he can only maintain for so long.


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