Blue Friday

Here’s a music video!“>Blue

Of course, the challenge is going to be whether or not I can figure out how to make the link work. Technology is great, except for when it’s not. IMG_2995

Which is why I have three links up top…I’m still figuring everything out.

But this song always makes me happy.

I did not actually get any writing done this morning. Instead, I slept an extra hour. Mostly I did this because I stayed up an extra hour watching a show. In retrospect, not my most satisfying decision ever.

I may, though, have opportunity to write some notes later this afternoon. I’ll be needing to go back before the flashback-hijack scene to the flashback-Jade-is-with-his-mother scene. There’s a purpose to being a Speaker, and she must teach it to him. Waverleigh being who he is will see everything about Jade as a potential resource and weapon. The nature of his gifts, though, is for something entirely different.

His gifts are for healing.


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