Crashing Trucks and the Love of Screenplays

The problem with writing action sequences is that I’m writing a novel, not a screen play.

Glory Shadow
Glory Shadow

I tried screen plays for a year, and I loved them! I think I could probably write a good one. I mostly stopped A) because I was perceiving that in order to do anything with a screenplay, you’d need to be deeply involved in the Hollywood scene, and I don’t want to live in Hollywood and B) I got a new computer and didn’t know how to format it.

Also because…I’m a novelist! I’ve always seen my story as a book. Lord willing, I’ll let someone else turn it into a movie someday.

In the meantime, I’m still caught in the tension of visualizing fantastic action sequences in my head — the kind that J.J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan excel at — and having only words to work with.

This morning’s scene was just such a scene.

For a school project, Jade, Elijah and Amanda are sent to hijack a freight truck. This means jumping off a bridge onto the truck and breaking into the truck. But then there are other thieves who booby-trap the road, causing the truck to spin, careen and crash into an embankment.

The challenge was to write a good crash from inside the truck.

In other news, almost done with Arrow Season I. Glorious. Flashy. Characters a touch on the noble side, but then when they all start to not like each other, they have finally arrived at “Great story” status.


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