The Briefing, or why 9-year-olds should not plan military operations.

This morning I wrote the briefing scene. I consider it an essential set-up piece so that the reader can understand the rest of the scene.

Stone cold they march
Stone cold they march

Much of the tension arises from different moral codes at play. The genetic scientist who turned the kids into super soldiers is primarily out for glory and power and money. To him, everything is about one-upping his competitors. He doesn’t think twice about the cost to them personally. “Survival of the fittest,” he tells his prodigy. “You are the super soldier. They’re only Humans. If they don’t survive the engagement, what is that to you?”

But Jade operates by a different moral code. As much as he is angry and in secure, he loves people. He loves being good. He doesn’t like that his powers sometimes get used to hurt people.

At the same time, he does like feeling powerful. He wonders if, had he been more powerful in the past, if he might have escaped his situation and not had to be a soldier.

So that was my scene, and I had fun writing it. Tomorrow, I’ll go over the blocking and dialogue and try to write in Jade’s moral conflict.

Meanwhile, I’m eating coconut curry soup, pinto beans and an onion bagel for lunch. I love leftovers.


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