Pescado means “Fish” in Spanish, but different than “Pez” which means “Fish,” “Pescado” is the participle of the verb “To catch” which is “Pescar.” Thus, “Pescado” literally means “Caught fish,” which is why it’s in my burrito and not in the sea.


I think I used the word “participle” correctly. Correct me if I’m wrong.

No actual work on the book today; instead of using my morning for writing, I went on a walk with a dear friend while I sipped tea and he sipped coffee and we talked about missionaries.

But I will be back at the story tomorrow morning! I’m doing a rewrite of a the latest flashback scene. The scene is technically a heist scene, even though the characters will later be secret weapons of the government. Because the scene is more action than not, I need to preface the action with a briefing.

Consistently, my writing partner has coached me to give the reader all the information they need to understand the scene before the scene actually starts, so as to allow the reader the most enjoyment of the scene. So then, that’s what I will do. The evil genetic engineer will coach his first three prodigies about how to use their special gifts to hijack his competitor. The oldest boy can hear people’s thoughts, the younger boy can see everything, near and far, in every direction while standing still, and the girl can see the future.

Sometime soon, I’ll share a snippet!


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