writing, writing, writing....
writing, writing, writing….

I decided to undertake a blog project for the month of May which will be to create a short post every day during lunch. At least during the work days when I can conceivably have an uninterrupted lunch at the computer at lunch time.

If I can accomplish this, that will mean I’m actually good at this thing I teach other people about which is self-care and boundaries and occasionally taking time for self.

Also, when I post something, I feel like I am creating a space for myself in the world. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have that.

Also, I’d like to write about my new book! It’s in its final revisions and will hopefully be available for purchase in December 2015.

Today I was writing a new section of a scene in the Jade character’s flashback section.

I didn’t want to write a book with a timeline that was jumping forwards and backwards on every page, but I did want to tell the back stories of the main characters. Understanding a person’s history is so imperative to who they are. Therefore, I’m adding in the backstories, even though, altogether, they add about a novel’s worth of content to the novel.

This is an important section in Jade’s story. His central conundrum is that he wants to be both powerful and good, but it’s hard to have an unwavering moral compass when you’re a 10-year-old-super-soldier.

More to come. Stay tuned.


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