Discipline and Perfectionism

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
May we have no shortage of activists who are marked more by compassion and a longing for justice than by base desires to get more things.DSCN0686
Meanwhile, I’m most grateful for a day off. I’ve opted to take the morning(actually technically the mid-shift) to work on the book.
Being a full-time writer, even a part-time writer, has been a dream of mine for a long time. For now, it’s unfeasible, seeing as no one pays me for my words yet. But a guy can dream.
Until that happens, I get to take my days off and holidays and take a few hours to invest in the story. Beyond that, I get to cultivate the writer’s discipline, which may be even more important than the story itself.
Challenges to which I want to rise today:
Can I sit for four hours(a standard half day) and work on one project? Can I maintain my concentration and focus that long?
Can I make efficient use of the time I dedicate to writing?
Of course…what is efficient writing after all? Do I measure it in words? Pages? Number of edits? What if I churn out 3 pages an hour and they’re all crap? On the other hand, taking a half day to sculpt a perfect paragraph means I’ll finally getting around to publishing my first book just in time to retire.
If you can’t tell already, I tend to be a perfectionist. This is something to let go and work past. Perfect isn’t possible, especially with art. But good and right and beautiful? These are possible.


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